Theresa Brown


Theresa Lynette Brown, certified coach, career strategist, and PMP, offers a unique and refreshing blend of visionary leadership, confidence, and genuine concern for others. Born to encourage, she naturally motivates everyone she encounters to reject default, mediocre careers for careers that are on FIRE (fulfilling, intentional, rewarding, and engaging). Her innate ability to recognize and coach high performers to optimal career success is proven through her client successes and outstanding client relationships.

In 2016, Theresa founded Get Your Money Girl, a movement focused on helping women get paid what they are worth. Her down-to-earth and energetic approach ensures everyone within her sphere of influence has the information needed to create the career of their dreams––one they are proud of and excited by––no matter their age, education, or social economic status. Theresa lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her three dogs: Nylah, Basil, and Sassy.